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Bangkok Stag Do is one you'll never forget. In fact, we're willing to bet you'll love it long time. If you fancy a final fling that's packed with sights, sounds, and unique flavours, a Bangkok stag weekend will meet and exceed your expectations.

All you wanted was a bachelor brunch...

You've seen The Hangover Part 2, and you've laughed your ass off at the antics of the Wolfpack. Now it's time to experience the madness of Bangkok first hand! Gentlemen, we present the Hangover package. Welcome to the biggest, baddest stag party of your life.

In an epic six-day bender that definitely doesn't want to end up on the bride's radar, you'll be treated to a whirlwind tour of swanky hotels, go-go bars, Muay Thai, strip joints, sky bars, underground drinking clubs and insects on sticks.

Tour Destinations

Bangkok: 3 night - Phuket: 2 nights - Bangkok: 1 night

What's included?

  • Return Airport Transfers from Bangkok airport
  • 3 nights in a central Bangkok hotel with breakfast
  • Bar Crawl in downtown Bangkok
  • Trip To Tiger Temple with Lunch
  • VIP Club Night/ fetish night/Including bottle service
  • Return Flight Transfer to Phuket
  • 2 Nights hotel in Phuket with breakfast
  • Multi-lingual guides on board
  • Private transfers
  • Bar Crawl around Patongs nightlife
  • Half day Watersports Included and Boat Trip


  • Remember the tiger from the first Hangover movie? You're not waking up with him (you hope!), but today you get to see his buddies. We're taking you on a tour of the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, where you'll meet and play with Indochinese and Bengal tigers in the care of Theravada Buddhist monks
  • Liven up at your favourite go-go bars and relive classic scenes from the film in the legendary Sky Bar. You can even rack up a few Hangovertinis - a cocktail created specially for the cast and crew of the movie
  • Try some local snacks. Stop off at a street vendor for crunchy grasshoppers in a bag - they taste like Marmite and look like Twiglets with faces! And make sure you nail the stag with a Maeng Da - a dirty great beetle the size of a Mars bar. Photos of his drunken face trying to get the thing down without exploding are a must.
  • Dive into the crystal clear waters for a snorkelling experience you'll never forget. Get up close and personal with bright corals and crazy fish on a SCUBA session. Reach for the skies in a paraglider, and bounce over the waves on an insanely fast banana boat! You'll blow all the rice wine and snake juice out of your systems and emerge feeling like new men
  • If you've never seen a ping pong ball do what ping pong balls do in Bangkok, you haven't lived. Oh, and the warnings are true. Sexy ladies in Thailand are not always the, erm, package you'd expect!

Prices from £775 per person

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