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Marrakech Stag Do it's time to grab your passport and leave the ladies behind. Your ready to set off and sample some Arabian flavour. One for those with a taste for the exotic, stag parties in this desert paradise are truly unforgettable affairs.

If you're tired of treading the well worn stag party path in the traditional cities, give magical Morocco a shot instead. It'll be an intoxicating experience on all levels!

A stag weekend in Marrakech doesn't come along every day. This is the perfect city for a final weekend of freedom. If you're doing something for the last time, it might as well be a massive event. If you've never set foot in Morocco, you're in for a magical mystery tour flanked by palm trees, snake charmers, acrobats and belly dancers. If you're not entertained at every turn in Marrakech, there's no hope! It's a city of a thousand flavours, colours, and sights, each more captivating than the last.

Marrakech stag parties are ideal for all you discovery hungry chaps who want a unique weekend away but don't fancy making it a long-haul trip. The flights come cheap and you'll be in the air for around 4 hours, which is no time at all. Need help on the accommodation front? Let us sort you out with a hotel deal and choose between all sorts of plush pads at surprisingly affordable prices. Throw a couple of activities in and you've got the ultimate pre-wedding party.

Forget cabaret and comedy, Marrakech stag nights take entertainment to new heights of brilliance. We strongly recommend getting a guide to take you on a Bar Crawl to ensure everything runs smoothly and you see the very best watering holes on offer. Expect to be taken on a mad tour of the medina, supping in everything from cafes to piano bars and swish lounges. Advance nightclub entry is also a must for nights out in this city. The clubs are certainly on the stylish side and will give you a taste of authentic Arabian nightlife. There are plenty to choose from, including the gigantic Pacha Marrakech, which boasts plenty of well-heeled beauties and a huge swimming pool.

After a Marrakech stag night there's only one way to banish hangovers. Relax and unwind at a Hammam and gawp at the ornate marble surroundings whilst you detox mind and body following a hefty night out on the sauce. A traditional Moroccan meal is also a must. You can't come all this way and not sample the tasty local dishes on offer. Tourists visiting Marrakech certainly don't starve, the staff keep the dishes coming until one of you explodes a la Monty Python's Mr Creosote. The food's fantastic. Local dishes include tagine (lamb or chicken stew), couscous and numerous other aromatic treats and sweet delicacies. A Moroccan feast is usually eaten al fresco, with table-side entertainment from dancers and musicians. It's a world away from Sunday dinner round your mum's!

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Budget Marrakech

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Beach Club

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Luxury Marrakech

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