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Up for a European tour? We arrange hundreds of stag parties in our European Stag Do Destinations in places like Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe every year.

See Real Madrid live at Bernabeu. Race bangers from Calais to Barcelona. Try tank driving in Tallinn. Europe offers everything from sun-kissed beaches and championship golf courses to Kalashnikov shooting and naked mud wrestling. Your stag party starts here!

Europe is full of quality stag destinations!

Pick Paris for an upmarket stag do that’ll have you charging down the Champs Elysees in the buff. Or run to Wroclaw if you want a no-frills taste of Eastern Europe, which will leave your wallet as happy as your best mate! From seaside metropolises and cultural behemoths to down and dirty party capitals, we've got the best stag do ideas for every group.

Going off on stag do weekends to unknown countries can be a bit of a gamble. What if the strip clubs are full of mingers? How will you know you’re not getting ripped off by the locals? Stick with us and we’ll see you right. We’ve got local knowledge working for us in every European stag party destination we serve, and the activities and accommodation are all tried and tested. Plus, when we put everything together in one easy package you don’t have to spend half the weekend wandering from pillar to post trying to work out what to do.

We’ll help you plan a killer stag weekend, with the best deals on accommodation, activities, and evening entertainment. Let’s roll.

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