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Rome Stag Do appeals to everyone from culture buffs to boozers and football fanatics. Rome rocks, it's that simple. Impressive, historic and stuffed with cultural sights to astound even the most hardened cynic; Rome is a stag weekend city of the gods. It's time to get on it, Italian style!

Rome has more charm than Frank Sinatra and more style than James Bond. What more could you possibly need from a stag party destination? Say buon giorno to beautiful women, historic monuments and brilliant bars. Not to mention the best coffee you'll ever taste. Rome stag parties blend ancient world flavour with cosmopolitan attractions to perfection. You can't help be drawn into the hustle and bustle of this busy city and her passionate people. What's more, it's only 2 hours away! There are plenty of flight deals to snap up, and we can put together a Rome stag weekend package you'll never forget. You can't go wrong in the world's coolest city. Cheap it ain't, but you'll get a top quality single life send off for your Euros.

Rome is synonymous with epic football. You can base your entire stag do in Rome around the beautiful game, and why not? If the gods are feeling especially generous, the fixtures will fit in around your stag party and you can score tickets to see Rome or Lazio in action. Two Italian giants of football in one city? Only in Rome. Stag parties are in for a rare treat. It's not just the players that make Italian football legendary. The fans are entertaining enough in themselves!

If football ain't your bag, there are plenty of other activity options to explore in Rome. Stag weekends in this bellissima city offer all sorts of genius diversions that will keep the boys out of the bars for at least a few hours. Spend the afternoon larking around in Fiat 500s and see the city behind the wheel, or take a culture tour if you want to see the best sights. Believe us, the landmarks and monuments captivate even the most hardened philistine. Wine Tasting is always a winner with Rome stag parties.

When in Rome, lads off on a stag always indulge in at least one first-class feast. Home of the world's finest pizza, the Italian capital is crammed with classic pizzerias. You've not experienced pizza until you've eaten it in Rome. Stag nights that start off with the classic combination of beer and pizza are set for success. As this is such a popular tourist spot, restaurant reservations are a good idea, especially in the height of summer. Tuck into a 3-course Roman feast and you'll be fuelled up and ready for an epic stag night in Rome's numerous bars and clubs.

So, what's the nightlife like, we hear you cry? Nights out in Rome are exceptional events. You'd expect a city famous for its colour and vibrancy to have top notch nightspots. Fortunately, Rome exceeds expectations when it comes to cafes, clubs, and bars. Rome stag nights are way above average. Forget tacky theme pubs and crap clubs, Italian nightlife does party with tons of panache. A Bar Crawl will introduce you to the city's coolest venues. You'll be living it up on terraces, knocking back the shots on piazzas, and dancing until the early hours with VIP nightclub entry to one of Rome's classic clubs.

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