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If you're looking for balls of steel-style activities for your stag do, baby bull running is just the job. Get in the ring and make like matadors for a rarely available activity that will get the adrenaline going big time!

The baby bulls (bajitas) have had their horns rounded so the groom won't need to worry about having the crown jewels taken out before the wedding!

It's a pretty intense experience nonetheless. The matadors might look like giant posers but once you've tried baby bull running, you'll gain a new respect for how fast they can move. Real Spanish bull fighters will show everyone how it's done before allowing any of you in the ring.

Laugh at your mate legging it as the bull charges towards him...then do exactly the same when it's your turn. Baby bull running is brilliant for banter and always produces loads of big belly laughs.

Come on, chaps! How often do you get the chance to do something like this?

Baby bull running includes:

  • Full instruction
  • Exclusive use of a bullring
  • BBQ
  • Post-session beers/wine
  • Return transfers
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