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Get the whole group together for a trio of classic stag party country sports: archery, air rifle and pistol shooting.

Master the sport of kings, queens, and outlaws on your stag do! Archery is a mental and physical challenge where skill and strength trump speed and adrenaline. Don the mantle of Robin Hood for an activity that really does sort the men from the boys in short trousers. Qualified instructors will show you the basics of archery. Stag do groups learn how to adopt the proper shooting stance, nock the arrow to the bowstring, set, draw, anchor, aim and finally release in one fluid motion. To make things more interesting, the targets are reduced in size as the competition progresses.

Your second stag party country sports challenge is air rifle and pistol shooting. Fire away with three guns: a Walther CP88 Nickel, 0.177 calibre 8-shot repeater pistol, and a Cometa .22 calibre air rifle. Qualified instructors will show you how to adopt the correct shooting stance, and hold the guns without dislocating something! Learn how to lock 'n load, and increase your chances of hitting the target every time. A cool head, a steady hand and nerves of steel will see you emerge as top dog. Keep a score sheet and get the competitive spirit pumping. There will be prizes for the first, second and third sharpest shooters on the range.

Includes: safety briefing, instruction and all necessary equipment.

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