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Stag weekend kite surfing will go down a treat with adventurous types and adrenaline junkies. If the groom loves his water sports, this is a must. One of the UK's fastest-growing outdoor pursuits, kite surfing is what it sounds like - surfing on the open waters with a kite supplying the power.

Stag weekend kite surfing sessions begin with the safety briefing bit, after which you'll be kitted out with all the necessary gear. First, you'll learn how to fly a power kite on land and master 'scudding' - sliding along in a controlled fashion. Next, the instructor will get everyone in the water for the main event; body dragging and standing up on the board!

Challenging, exhilarating and really rewarding, it's one of those rarely available activities that have to be tried at least once! The lads are unlikely to have tried it so you'll all be in the same boat.

Stag weekend kite surfing sessions include:

Hire of boards, kites, wetsuits and helmets
Safety briefing
Full instruction

Duration: allow a full day.
Restrictions: weather-dependent.

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