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If you want a real challenge for a stag do, military assault course sessions are just the job. Blow off steam, sweat off hangovers and crease up laughing as Dave stacks it on the balance beam! Expect to face all the classic tests of strength, fitness and stamina, from scramble nets and rope swings to water holes.

On arrival, you'll be briefed and split into two teams. The team to successfully tackle each station on the course first, wins. Every member of your team must complete each challenge in order to win the stag do military assault course challenge. The golden rule applies: leave no man behind!

This is no walk in the park, soldier. Expect to be caked in mud and fired up on adrenaline when you reach the finish line. Bring a change of clothes, you're gonna need 'em!

Duration: 1.5hrs approx

Minimum group size: 8

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