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Unleash your inner King Leonidas with Warrior! Stag do activities don't come any manlier than this one. Get the testosterone pumping as you master the ancient art of axe and knife throwing. Beards, chest beating and spontaneous roaring mandatory!

On arrival, your group will be welcomed by an instructor, who will introduce you to the three weapons of choice: double-handed throwing axes, throwing knives, and Red Indian-style Tomahawks.

Like all great stag do events, warrior has a competitive element. Once the instructor's happy you won't plant one in a foot, you'll take it in turns to try and hit the bullseye with each weapon. This may sound relatively simple but you'll soon discover these weapons can be surprisingly heavy and very unwieldy!

Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize and swing your body forward as you throw. Victory shall be yours!

Duration: allow 1hr

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