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Want to be 100% sure the big man has a proper belter of a stag weekend? Bar, club and lap dance club entry is a no-brainer. We'll make all the arrangements in advance, you take the credit for the best two-night blowout known to man.

That's right, folks. Your group will enjoy a stag weekend with bar, club and lap dance club entry taken care of for two consecutive nights.

No fannying about wondering where to go, what to do, and which club has the best atmosphere. Nor will you fall into the trap of having to buy the nice lady in the G-string a drink for fifty quid at the behest of a burly bouncer.

We've hooked up with some of the city's best venues. You're in for one helluva stag weekend! Bar, club and lap dance club entry comes with queue jump privileges so you won't even have to stand in line. Sweet.

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