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Our beer house brewery tours introduce groups to the wonders of 'living beer'. A few rungs above your bog standard pint, the Estonian brew is a real eye-opener. Discover why it's so highly regarded with a tour of the brewery followed by a very generous beer tasting session.

Made according to an ancient recipe living beer is a pure brew completely free from chemicals and preservatives. It's also rumoured to contain a special secret ingredient. Learn a bit about the brewing process at the only brewery in the country which produces this much-loved, integral part of Estonian culture and tradition. The downstairs beer hall stays open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays and offers live music with hot waitresses serving beer in traditional dress. Don't be surprised if you're still there come closing time!

Beer house brewery tours are what Saturday afternoons were made for.

Includes: guided tour of the brewery, tasting session featuring 5 different varieties of beer.

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