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Ever tried a meal on a naked lady? Stag parties up for a rarely available type of erotic entertainment can eat off a gorgeous model wearing nothing but a pair of the tiniest pants and the food you're about to demolish. Also known as body table, this is one of those do-before-you-die experiences that was made for stag parties. Meal on naked lady gives new meaning to the phrase 'dinner with a difference'!

Naturally, the food ain't the star of the show. You'll be eating stuff like sushi, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and other similar finger food directly off the model's naked body. There's no touching with hands, it's better than that. Body table involves picking up food with your mouth.

Everyone loves a buffet, but it's not every day you get to enjoy a naked one. Way more memorable than your average cold sausage rolls and sandwiches affair, this is a must for stag parties.

Meal on naked lady includes: 3-courses, shot on arrival, 1 beer each.

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