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Strictly for the over-18s, this is a must for your stag do. Pirates Adult show tickets can be sorted in advance for your entire group. Sign up for unlimited booze, hot girls in skimpy outfits, and swashbuckling action on board a massive pirate ship.

Pirates Reloaded is pretty impressive stuff. Best described as a sexed-up Pirates of the Caribbean, it features live music, acrobats, dancers, and human circus performers amongst its many charms. Join Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard and Barbarossa on a mission to defend Sir Henry Morgan and his treasure from the clutches of the cunning Jacques Lafitte.

Audience participation is all part of the experience, so get up and involved!

One of the best shows in Spain, this is well worth your Euros. Get hammered on the free Sangria, have a laugh, and walk away well satisfied.

Includes: tickets to see Pirates Reloaded, UNLIMITED wine or Sangria.

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