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A stag weekend Trabant Safari will show you the city's best bits in a completely fresh take on the traditional sightseeing experience. Your mission is to pile in and drive the worst cars ever made round the city! These diddy throwbacks from old Communist times have two-stroke engines and...well, that's about it! No satnav, power steering, fuel injection or any other kind of modern convenience. A true test of driving skill, this is a proper driving challenge that will test skills to the limit.

Each Trabant will hold a maximum of four people, and even then it'll be a bit of a squeeze!

Pootle around the city and check out the iconic landmarks, monuments and fascinating architecture with facts and anecdotes about each emitted from the car's dodgy ride.

Absolutely hilarious, the stag weekend Trabant safari is like nothing you will ever have experienced! Unless your grandparents used to own a Robin Reliant, in which case you'll have an idea of what's in store.

Duration: 1.5hrs

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