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A karaoke stag night is always good for a laugh. Smartphone cams at the ready, lads! Catch the groom belting out 'My Way' like an X Factor reject and you've got him bang to rights for any future offences. If you want to be especially mean, stitch him up with a Lady GaGa costume and make him sing 'Poker Face'.

Fortunately for him, you'll have use of a private room for a couple of hours so he won't be publicly humiliated...until you play back the video at the wedding of course! There are loads of tracks to choose from and beers are included for Dutch courage. Prepare to be surprised by at least one member of the group. There's always a hidden vocal talent lurking away somewhere.

Your stag karaoke night includes: hire of a private room for 2hrs, 2 beers each, local guide to show you around afterwards.

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