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Man can't survive on beer and crisps alone! Refuel with a stag party tapas meal and avoid falling at the first hurdle. These filling snacks are like buffet food, only far tastier. They line stomachs without making you feel as though you've just eaten a giant roast round your mum's. You'll have plenty of room for ice cold beers and Sangria.

We know a fantastic tapas place that serves authentic, freshly prepared dishes using locally sourced fish, meat and veg. Tuck into classic tapas dishes like patatas bravas, tortilla, stuffed olives, Parma ham, spicy meatballs, crispy fried calamari, king prawns, and garlic mushrooms. Equally good for meat eaters and veggies, a stag party tapas meal will keep the whole group happy. The cost is set and paid for in advance so no fannying about calculating the bill afterwards. Includes:

Generous selection of tapas dishes
Wine or beer
Table water

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