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The Vis archipelago is famous for its extraordinary beaches, stunning coastline and amazing blue water. But there's something else here, hidden away in the rocky walls that climb from the Mediterranean to form Bisevo Island. If you're looking for a stag weekend that takes real advantage of the Croatian landscape, get out of town for an afternoon and visit the Blue Cave.

Entering through a tiny hole in the rock (you'll be taken to the Blue Cave by an expert boat guide, who knows exactly when and how to get inside), your stag group will be transported instantly to a completely different universe. The mineral strata in the rock, the perfectly calm water and the single access point for sunlight inside the cave combine to create a natural light show like no other

The walls of the cave glow silver and blue, the sea seems to shine and the boundary between above and below blurs. You'll feel like the boat is suspended in midair, inside a bright blue planet. Even the heaviest hangover is guaranteed to vanish instantly when confronted with such natural awesomeness!

Croatian stag weekend destinations are rightly famed for their hot women and relaxed attitudes to excess. There's another side to the country, though, and missing it would be very silly indeed. Man up, get out of bed and go see something amazing.

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