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Inspired by the TV series we all know the name of, it’s time to test your mettle on the best assault course that’s ever been shown on the small screen – forget the Krypton Factor or Ninja Warrior – Totally Wiped Out is where it’s at.

You've seen the TV shows - now live the hilariousaction for real! Based on classics like Total Wipeout and It's a Knockout, ourvery own Totally Wiped Out is one of the most frantic, unique activities on thestag do circuit! Wipeout UK may no longer be on the box but you can still takeon the bizarre obstacles and avoid falling into the drink with our own uniquetake on one of the greatest Saturday night staples of all time.

Hilarious, competitive, and completely our owninvention, Totally Wiped Out is guaranteed to put a massive smile on the bigman's face. You'll be going head to head with a group of feisty hens on aseries of ingenious obstacle courses, blow-up challenges and inflatable tests.Can you make it around the Perilous Pyramid before your opponent tags you? Willyou get all the way across the Big Red Balls, or will you end up in a heap onthe floor? Wipeout games are set to test your physical prowess – and yoursanity!

There are nine Totally Wiped Out games in total-webring six of them to our stag do locations. The big question is, what'll it be?You might be battling it out with the foam Wrecking Ball. Or you could bejumping for your life as the Sweeper Arm tries to take your legs out...

You're fighting for the reputation of ladseverywhere! If you get beaten by the hens, you'll never live it down.

Energetic, absolutely original, and more funthan a box set of The Simpsons, Totally Wiped Out is a must-have for any stagdo. Check out the destinations in which you can get 'Totally Wiped Out' below.

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