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Whether at home or abroad, the beach is the perfect place to really get that blood pumping and those adrenaline levels up and awake. You could spend the entire weekend falling asleep on the sand, but let’s face it - that would make for a pretty dull stag do, no matter how many pints are pulled. Believe us - beach sports are the answer. Keep the lads entertained and make the most of the beach and sea beyond with a beach volleyball tournament, or a series of beach games for adults – though this does mean anyone on board for sandcastle building competition may be a bit disappointed.

Impress the bikini beauties you spotted earlierwith your sporting abilities, top up the tan, blow off steam and getcompetitive. Persuade a team of hens to get involved and make it a battle ofthe sexes!

The Perfect Way to Enjoy the Sun

There's a chest of ice-cold beers up for grabs sostay focused and keep your eye on the ball, so to speak. You know the drill,gents. Dig a few spikes to take the opposition off guard, make amazing lungesand stop that ball from hitting the bloody sand! Beach sports come in allshapes and disciplines – and the golden rule here is they’re all lined up herein the name of having a laugh! While you and your mates may be super competitive,and you may think you’re due a gold medal or two, get your head out of thetrophy cabinet and enjoy yourself. 

Brilliant for banter, beach sports and beach gamesare as cheap as chips and will soon sweat off hangovers after a heavy firstnight. There’s no better way to get the lads into gear for the rest of theholiday. Job's a good 'un!

Beach sports include:

  • Volleyball equipment
  • 100 cold beers
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