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Who says that you have to take to the ocean to learn how to surf? Give indoor surfing a look - stag weekend activities don't get much madder than this, folks!

You don't need to go to the beach to catch somewaves. Thanks to one of Europe's finest indoor activity centres, you can learnto surf without being at the mercy of wind or wave conditions. What’s more,it’s brilliant fun for all comers – even those who have surfed a million timesbefore and who may be completely at ease on the ocean. The surf machine we’llset up for you allows complete novices and experienced boarders to grab a tidalor two without having to set foot outside. 

An Incredible Indoor Water experience

It’s a fantastic experience and one that the wholeparty will remember for years to come. Surfing UK centres have plenty of theseset-ups – but ours is the best for all comers and especially those looking tolive it large on a stag weekend.

Brilliant fun and unbeatable for the laughs alone,stag weekend indoor surfing sessions are perfect for those with a sense ofhumour and adventure. The sight of the groom stacking it as he learns to standup (and stay that way) on the wave rider will be priceless! Indoor surfing UKor elsewhere is a guaranteed party-pleaser – and a real buzz generator to setthe tone for the whole weekend.

Once you've mastered the art of indoor surfing, theadrenaline rush is fantastic stuff. Be warned; this is incredibly addictive –even if you do spend much of your time plunging into the drink! You’ll get thehang of it – we promise!

Stag weekend indoor surfing sessions include:

  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • All necessary gear
  • 1hr on the wave rider
  • Group photo
  • Tea, coffee, brownies and muffins
  • Return transfers
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