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Up for a surfing stag do? Get ready to catch some waves - the world's coolest water sport is an amazing, adrenaline-charged experience that also just happens to look incredibly impressive to women. Well, providing you can stay upright! Be warned though, surfing is incredibly addictive. Once tried, never forgotten. Why do you think so many people take on surf holidays and enrol in surf camps – there’s nothing quite like the rush of catching wave for the first time – and again, and again, and again. This why we think surf lessons make for the perfect stag activity.

We'll book your group in for a stag do surfing lesson with a patient, local instructor. This means that whether you’re a novice or an old hand at the board, you’ll be up and catching those big ones in no time at all.

Master the board and ride the waves

When you're all suited up (which, believe us, is a hilarious experience in and of itself!), you'll be shown how to float on the board, and you’ll master how to paddle in order to catch the white water and be propelled into shore. Once you've got that down pat, it's time to move on to kneeling on the board and then standing up for your victory ride! Surfing may not be as easy as it looks – but it’s just as fun, if not more so.

Don't worry if you don't stand up at first, it can take a little while. Once you've cracked it, you'll be running back into the water for another go. Surf holidays in Bournemouth, Cardiff and Newquay are pretty special – throw one in on the back of a stag weekend and you’ll have a lads holiday that you’ll all remember for years to come.

Stag do surfing lessons include:

  • Safety briefing
  • Full instruction
  • Board and wetsuit hire

Duration: allow 2-3 hours for this activity.

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