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Amsterdam airport transfers are cheaper when arranged in advance of a stag weekend. We'll arrange for your stag party to be picked up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and dropped off in front of a hotel, hostel or apartment in the city centre. It's the easiest, fastest way to get the party started.

Airport transfers mean no mucking about with trains or buses when you've just landed in an unfamiliar country. You won't have to drag bags about, find change for ticket machines or leg it to the right platform or bus stop. Nor will you open yourselves up to the risk of getting ripped off by a taxi driver who takes you to Amsterdam city centre via the scenic route! Holland's HQ of hedonism is rammed with bars, pubs, clubs, brown cafes and red lights. Do you really want to waste precious minutes getting to and from the airport when a driver could get you to the city centre in half the time?

Arranging Amsterdam airport transfers is simple. Tell us when you're stag weekend is happening and how many people need to be transported to and from Schiphol. We'll compare all of the suppliers and get you the best possible group rate.

*Amsterdam airport transfers can be upgraded with strippers and champagne, just give us the nod and we'll sort it for you!

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