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If you want an epic Amsterdam stag party prank, a handcuffed Smurf bar crawl should do it! Give us the go-ahead and we'll get the stag a hot date with a female dwarf dressed as a Smurfette. She'll be glued to his side for three whole hours. The bar crawl includes three shots and handcuffs are supplied. All you have to do is get him to the pub on time. Easy.

An Amsterdam stag party bar crawl is one thing. A handcuffed Smurf bar crawl takes it to a whole new level. The stag thinks he's off for pints and perhaps a trip to a sex club in the Red Light District. Little does he know he's about to be stitched up good and proper by you lot. Get the lads to club together and surprise the stag. He definitely won't see this one coming. The look on his face when the penny drops will be well worth it!

In addition to having a laugh at the stag's expense and getting brilliant photos for Facebook, you'll find out where all the best bars are. Two birds, one stone.

When it comes to Amsterdam stag party pranks, a handcuffed Smurf bar crawl is top of the pile. Get it booked and be the best man who sorted the funniest stitch up in stag history.

In brief:

  • Bar crawl with the stag handcuffed to a female dwarf in a Smurf outfit
  • 3 hours long
  • 3 shots included
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fancy border Smurf Bar Crawl

Smurf Bar Crawl

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