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Amsterdam is the perfect place for a fake police kidnap. The groom will be bricking it! Picture the scene: you're in a beer bar off Dam Square, and the stag is just about to get his laughing gear round a pint of freshly brewed Dutch beer. Suddenly, he's been cuffed, arrested and read his rights by the 'police'! How did that happen?! You lot will of course be the picture of innocence as he's ushered off for a little light 'questioning'!

When the game's up, he'll be free to go. No bones broken, no passports lost and no having your ears boxed because you lost the groom in the Red Light District. It's the perfect crime! If you want a classic stag stitch up that'll have everyone howling laughing and put the wind up the groom, a police kidnap in Amsterdam is a winner.

Get the whole stag party in on the joke, make sure your phones are fully charged, and snap the groom being collared by the Dutch police. Priceless!

We will plan the whole police kidnap before you come over to Amsterdam. Simply tell us when you're having your stag weekend and we'll organise everything. All you have to do is get the groom in the pub. Easy.

  • Strip show fun for the Stag
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