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Want to do something utterly awesome on your stag weekend in Ayia Napa? Book your intrepid team of code breakers into the resort's most popular escape rooms.

With just 60 minutes to bust out of a brilliantly themed room, you'll have to use every ounce of skill at your disposal. Shame you're probably suffering from the biggest hangover of your life!

Escape rooms are awesome. They combine mental and physical challenges in a movie-style immersive game, which is guaranteed to get the lads totally into the spirit of the afternoon. Feel the tension build as you explore the room for clues to help you escape. Crack codes. Locate items that might help you open doors, unlock padlocks, or break into secret spaces. As the seconds tick past, the stress levels can only get worse!

This is the ultimate antidote to the inevitable stag weekend headache. Forget the burning sun, and all the beer you chucked down your throat last night. Forget the fact that you haven't changed your clothes since yesterday, and smell like the back of a barn door. All the matters is conquering the riddle of the room, and making it out before the clock ticks down to zero!

Fiendish fun, and a completely different way to spend an hour on day two of your stag weekend in Ayia Napa, these escape rooms should be top of your afternoon activities list. Can you beat the room, or will the room beat you?

In a nutshell:

  • Immersive escape room in Ayia Napa
  • Multiple rooms
  • 5 people per room max

This activity is no longer available.

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