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Archery is one of the oldest - and coolest - sports in the world. And Barcelona is one of the most historic and awesome stag party destinations in Europe. You do the math!

Learn to nock and fire an arrow at this outstanding archery venue in Barcelona. Your stag party will be taught the seven steps of effective bow shooting, from taking the correct stance for your body-type, to following through after the arrow has been released. Learn to listen to your body and alter your stance to maximise your shooting strength. Discover the killer difference between a relaxed bow grip and a tight bow grip.

The hardest party of an archery shot, for a newbie, is the anchor. To ensure accuracy and a powerful shot, it's necessary to lock your string hand onto the side of your face. This allows you to stare straight down the shaft of the arrow to the target, but it also means you've got several feet of super-tense string whizzing right past your eye! Your friendly, experienced instructor will help you to overcome your natural fear of the anchor, and get the most from every shot.

Archery is an awesome standalone stag party activity. It's also great to include in a package adventure afternoon. We recommend combining it with laser combat for a total target-hitting experience. You'll get to master the ancient art of killing people with deadly arrows, and the modern sport of laser tag. Plus you'll run off all the cervezas you drank in and around Las Ramblas on Friday night.

In a nutshell

  • Stag party archery lessons in Barcelona
  • All equipment and safety briefing
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