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The name's Bond. James - OK lads, you know the rest. Tuxes out, Martinis at the ready. It's time to roll high and let the chips fall where they may. It's casino night.

We've got you entry to the best casino in Barcelona, where the tables never stop and the ladies love a man with a massive wad. Make sure your chip tricks are up to scratch and your poker face is perfect - or go for some statement-making action, and drop a grand on snake eyes.

A casino evening's a great way to bring some class to your stag do. Dress up without having to put on irritating costumes, feel the adrenaline without having to get muddy in a field or sweaty in a wetsuit, and finish the party with more money in the kitty (well, if Lady Luck is smiling on you that is!).

Barcelona's one of the most stylish stag do destinations in Europe. And it isn't just art, culture and architecture the Spanish second city's got dibs on. When the sun goes down, the city's A List hits the roulette tables and poker games in this epic casino. For the stag who likes to double down and play the odds, we can't imagine a better evening.

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