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Genuinely the coolest place in Barcelona, and a guaranteed fanny-fest, the Ice Bar is going to rock your world. You'll feel like a combination of secret agent and sci fi hero as you don the special clothing provided by the door staff. And when you get inside, you'll feel like Superman in the Fortress of Solitude. Only there'll be loads of girls there, and all your mates, and you'll be drunk. Boom!

Everything in the Ice Bar is made of ice: the seats, the bars, the walls. They've even got an FC Barcelona shirt in an icy display case! Down a few cold ones served in actual ice glasses, get cosy with excitable ladies in Arctic gear and try not to knock over the ice sculptures.

This is one of the most popular weekend spots in the whole city, and almost impossible to get into on a Friday or Saturday night without a ticket. Book yours before you've even set off on the plane, and you'll be chilling with your boys while everyone else is still cooling their heels outside!

We wouldn't get you the hottest tickets in town without a welcome drink, of course. Your Ice Bar entry includes a welcome drink in those signature ice glasses. Cheers!

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