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The war game that doesn't leave a mark, laser combat is a brilliant way to get some traditional action into your Barcelona stag weekend! Hunt down the groom with extreme prejudice, and take him out using state-of-the-art laser guns.

Laser combat gives you all the thrills of a projectile-based shooting game, without any of the pain. You can gang up on the stag as much as you like. Because your weapons fire beams of light, the only thing you'll hurt is his pride!

If you're a Call of Duty addict, you'll love laser combat. This is the closest you'll get to living high-tech combat games in real life! Gear up, split the boys into combat teams, and play fast and furious versions of classic stag weekend stealth and battle challenges. Capture enemy territory, infiltrate and clean insurgent bases, or round on the big man for a good old-fashioned game of hunt the stag.

The key to any successful stag weekend is variety. Spend some of your time exploring Barcelona's culture and history. Live the cafe lifestyle for a morning. Take your phones down to the Sagrada Familia for social media uploads that will turn the bridal party green with envy. But don't forget to do a couple of manly things while you're here, too! Get those combat fatigues on, and shoot each other with guns. You'll love it.

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  • Laser combat in Barcelona
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