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Boys, boys, boys. Who wants to get out of bed with a banging head and crawl back to Barcelona airport on his eyeballs? Didn't think so. Smash that snooze button and get involved with one last laid-back beer, in a dedicated secure room.

What's that you say? Yes, you heard us right amigos. Beer, secure room. Also pool tables, TVs and food. Staggering around Barcelona with a killer hangover is for dum-dums. While less prepared stag parties are crying for their mums in a horrible busy airport waiting area, you'll be chillin like kingpins, shooting pool and stuffing your face with life-giving food and beer.

If you fancy a final wander along Barcelona's epic beach, just sling your bags in your secure stag party HQ and head out unencumbered. The only people with the code to the room are you lot and reception, so even if you leave your head behind you'll be sure everything's ready for the off when the taxi comes!

We can honestly say this is one of the greatest ideas ever to occur to a stag party organiser. After two solid days of caning it like Motley Crue's entourage, we reckon you'll agree with us.

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