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Most saucy shows are 'look, don't touch'. Not mud wrestling! This epic activity is your opportunity to give the groom a real gift on his stag weekend in Barcelona: the chance to get his butt kicked by a group of lovely ladies covered in chocolate.

This is a Barcelona stag weekend favourite, and one of the best starts to a Saturday night ever. It's like watching Gladiators or Total Wipeout on TV while you get ready to go out, only it's for real. And instead of ridiculous leotards, the lady contestants are wearing tiny bikinis!

Down a round of free beers, cheer the ladies on as they slip and slide around in chocolate, and wait for the best thing you've ever seen to happen right before your eyes! Just when the groom thinks he's got away without a ritual stag weekend humiliation, our athletic ladies will haul him over the side of the ring and into a pit of chocolate and boobies. The rest of the lads will be cracking up, until they realise he's getting to play hands-on naughty fighting with actual nearly-naked girls. Maybe the big man gets the last laugh after all...

After a big first night partying in Barcelona, the boys are likely to be feeling the pace. Get them livened up again with ringside tickets to the most awesome event in the history of stag-kind!

In a nutshell

  • Mud (chocolate) wrestling with stag participation
  • Bring wipes, a towel and a change of clothes for the stag
  • Stag wrestles with 2 bikini girls
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