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Right then, lads. Time to talk titties. You can't come on a stag do in Barcelona without them. And we've got you the best-looking funbags in the city. Light hearted and absolutely awesome, our Strip Show Fun package combines the only ingredients you'll ever need for a successful stag.

Want beer? Got beer. Need boobs? Check, captain. We've reserved you a primo spot at one of Barcelona's most popular strip clubs (popular with the locals, that is - no tourist nonsense here lads), where you'll see it all come off in classy and fun routines that leave nothing to the imagination. Get the groom the best gift a man could have: perfect jubblies and heavenly honeys, winding and grinding it all for his last night of freedom!

A stag do without naked chicks is like a sandwich with no filling. It just ain't right. Best men, you know your duty. Sort out the club night, get some adrenaline filled action into the days - but whatever else you do, remember the basics. Sweater puppies and naked ass, please.

Your Strip Show Fun package includes beer and entry to the hottest nudie club in the city. Gentlemen, it's time to look at some norks.

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