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You can't spend the whole of your Barcelona stag weekend getting smashed in bars and clubbing your face off. Well, you can, but then you'd be missing out on everything else this Spanish beauty has to offer!

After a first massive night of eating, drinking and impressing the local talent with your awesome dance moves, the clued-up stag changes pace. The second evening is all about getting settled into a great bar, swapping a few stories with the lads, control drinking til the hangover gets gone, and losing the rest of the kitty on a few rounds of poker. Ante up, boys. It's time to play.

We've got you a reserved spot in one of the best bars in Barcelona, where the cards fall freely and the spirits shelf is a thing of beauty. You get table service from perky waitresses, and three hours to play Hold 'Em with the pros. Doesn't matter if no-one knows the first thing about games of skill and chance - we'll hook you up with a poker croupier, who runs through the basic rules, hands and tactics before you begin.

This is a quality second night for a stag weekend where a bit of everything's on the cards. Spice things up with some bikini girls, bunny girls or a stripper.

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