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Barcelona is home to one of the biggest, maddest water parks in the world. If you thought you'd seen some epic flumes and slides in your time, think again!

We'll sort your stag party out with water park passes that are good all day. You know what that means, lads. No early morning start, no rushing around like dicks trying to find your flip flops/wallet/suncream, and no half-assed 'afternoons' that are actually finished by 4 o clock. You come when you want, you go when they shut. In between, you get to act like the biggest kids on earth!

The rides at the Barcelona water park are ball-bouncingly awesome. Think water slides big enough to see from space and you're on the right track. Plus, this is where the fittest fanny in Spain comes to cool down from the afternoon sun. There's more lady on show here than at a strip club, and if you've got your sunnies on you can look as long as you want!

Do something epic on your stag party. Take the boys to a place where they can be big kids for a few hours, splash and slide all the beer off and see some top quality ass into the bargain. De nada, senors!

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