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Great views, great booze, loads of food. That's the stag party dinner sorted, then!

We've got you a table in a super-popular American diner bang in the middle of Benalmadena marina. In the summer, you can sit out on the deck sinking longnecks and stuffing your face while the rich dudes show off supermodels on their yachts. Top times are guaranteed.

Pick from hearty starters, monster mains and classic desserts for a stag party nosh-up that will go down in history. Every feller in the crew gets a half bottle of wine or two beers to complement his grub.

It's not easy to book a stag party meal on the night - even if you can find a restaurant happy to take a massive group of blokes, they're not likely to have enough room on such short notice. Or you'll get a place that's empty enough to serve you, only to find out that the reason it's empty is because it's rubbish.

Avoid disappointing all those rumbling tums and get guaranteed top spots in one of the tastiest joints in Benalmadena. There's a whole weekend of mayhem ahead of you, boys. It's vital you start out on the right footing!

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