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I feel the need - the need for speed... No, it's not Topgun but it's the next best thing. An afternoon's adrenaline-filled sea fun is just what the doctor ordered for the first full day of a Benalmadena stag weekend! Strap in, hold tight and get ready to scream your heart out, as the fastest boats legally allowed to run near shore bring a whole new level of awesome to the proceedings.

Let's get it straight - Powerboating is not about seeing the Benalmadena coastline, or relaxing with a nice onboard drink. It's a full-throttle, pedal to the metal scalp-remover of a ride. You'll hit the waves at speeds you didn't even think possible on the water, in a craft designed to compete in the nautical equivalent of an F1 grand prix. You'll howl like a wolf, laugh like a loon and at least one of your stag group will need new shorts by the time you get back to Benalmadena.

It's bone-shakingly brilliant, and if you want to do it in all its sun-soaked glory then you need to do it in Benalmadena. Hold on to your head and get ready to fly. First one to throw up gets mocked for the rest of the weekend!

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