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The bar where beer prices can crash!

The best idea since the automobile (yes, the Germans pretty much invented the car!), the beer stock exchange is a Berlin institution. This really is a big must for Berlin stag weekends. Once it hits 5pm there are no set in stone prices for beer. No, we're not pulling your leg! Beer prices go up and down with supply and demand. It's fun, tasty, and a change from the usual bars and pubs.

Meet up with a guide, who will take you to the Berlin beer stock exchange. Each person gets a beer and a meal. You'll need to eat if you want to be able to handle a session on German beer! Especially if the market crashes and the prices go down. Berlin stag weekends are notoriously beery. Eating ain't cheatin' over here.

Here's how this works...

Enter your order. Once you've actually ordered a beer, you pay that price. When you're enjoying that one, follow what's happening on the Berlin beer stock exchange on the screens around the venue. Are the prices of your favourite beers going up or down? If you spy a trend, place your order quickly. Things happen fast on the stock market! You'll have to beat the rush if you want to take advantage of falling beer prices.

Exciting, tasty and totally different to a usual session down the pub, this experience always goes down well on Berlin stag weekends. It's the ultimate no-brainer!

Your Berlin stag weekend activity includes:

  • Trip to the Berlin beer stock exchange
  • 1 beer per person
  • 1-course meal
  • Guide (one way)

Additional information:

Activity takes place after 5pm.

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