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A Berlin stag do beerhalls tour will take you to two of the city's finest traditional beerhalls. Do the rounds and then taste the goods. Each member of your group gets two beers. Beer is on a level with God in Germany. This tour will show you why. Prepare yourselves for the authentic German experience. We're talking steins brimming with delicious frothy beer famous for its taste and purity.

As for what beerhalls are actually like, the clue's in the name! Go inside and get lost in the amazing world of German beer. The look and atmosphere is traditional German: loads of wood, benches, tables, chairs, pictures and crests, bricks and tile. Picture a grand hall with beer flowing freely from taps and you're halfway there. If you want the real deal, a Berlin stag do beerhalls tour will deliver the goods. The whole thing takes around three hours, so that's Saturday afternoon taken care of.

Beerhalls have a whole bunch of beers to choose from. This is basically a beer lover's paradise. They've got it all over here: weissbier (white beer), helles (malty pale), dunkel (dark), doppelbock (strong and malty), shwarzbier (the darkest German lager), hefeweizen (wheat beer), and loads more. They've all got their own distinctive flavours. But be warned: some of them are hella strong!

A Berlin stag do without a beerhalls tour would be like a Dublin stag do without a Guinness Factory tour. It needs to be done!

Your Berlin stag do beerhalls tour includes:

  • Entry to 2 of the city's best beerhalls
  • 2 beers per person
  • Local guide
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Beerhalls Tour

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