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Ah, Berlin! City of beautiful river cruises, stunning views, perfectly formed lady-parts. Combine all three in this legendary stag weekend boat tour - just the thing for lads with a Saturday hangover!

There's nothing like a touch of fresh river air to clear an addled head. Looking at spectacularly hot naked Berliners helps too. Hey, this is the city that brought you the Cabaret. What did you expect?

Conveniently setting off from a landing in the middle of Berlin, your riverboat cruises along the Spree while a lovely lady gets all sexy for your viewing pleasure! If you're feeling super-generous, you can even bump up the bang factor with an extra stripper. Who knows what they'll get up to together?

A riverboat cruise complete with jiggling boobies is the best stag weekend present ever. Your soon to be ball-and-chained compadre gets to see superb lady-sights for the last time, the boys get a chance to chill and recover from their first night in Berlin, and you'll even go past some of the most iconic sights in Europe. What are you waiting for?

In a nutshell:

  • Boat cruise with stripper
  • Start and finish in central Berlin
  • Upgrade to two strippers
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