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Among the best in the world, Berlin's fresh, clean beer deserves a second taste. And a third, and a fourth... Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the brewing process and down two beers on this Berlin stag party brewery tour!
Go round one of Berlin's best-loved breweries, and get loads of insider knowledge about hops, recipes, quality control and of course the finished product. Get your head round the magic that turns water, barley and yeast into the delicious amber gold loved by lads around the world.

Discover the answer to the ultimate question: why does German beer beat all others when it comes to taste, freshness and purity? This is a golden opportunity to see Berlin's favourite beers in every stage of creation. Learn some pub science that will blow your mind. And raise a couple of glasses of fresh brewed beer to the lad whose Berlin stag party put you next to to all that hoppy goodness!

A Berlin stag party brewery tour is short and sweet - just 40 minutes, which is enough time to get to grips with the whole brewing process. Ideal for an afternoon visit, it'll give the lads something to think about but won't be an information overload. Get it booked and enter the amazing world of German beer.

Your Berlin stag party brewery tour in brief:

  • 40 minutes long
  • 2 small beers to taste
  • Fun and fascinating look at how beer is brewe
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