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If your bro is all about the beautiful game, give him a five-a-side football Berlin stag weekend. This is one of the most popular stag activities of all time and a fast way to give a hangover the boot. Tell us when you're coming to Germany and we'll hire an indoor pitch for you. Change on site, grab your ball and get on the pitch. You'll have it for 60 minutes.

The beauty of doing five-a-side football on a Berlin stag weekend is that you can set the pace. If you've had a particularly messy one round Prenzlauer Berg and aren't feeling anything even remotely like Messi, you can tone it down and keep things laid back. But this is a stag do and in reality, it's going to turn into a ridiculously competitive battle for bragging rights!

Re-enact all your favourite moments in football, re-live the joy of playing five-a-side as a kid, and then finish with big beers at a Berlin beerhall and a little post-match analysis. Standard.

A no-brainer activity for a Berlin stag weekend, five-a-side football ticks all the boxes. You need a bit of friendly(ish!) competition on a stag. And if you want an activity that won't blow the budget, this is a great place to start. Everyone knows how to play football so you can just turn up and do it rather than having to learn a new skill. Get the team strip out and enjoy.

Your Berlin stag weekend activity includes:

  • Indoor five-a-side football
  • Pitch hire
  • Access to changing rooms
  • Ball
  • Guide (one-way)

Additional information:

Groups with 17+ people will need to book 2 five-a-side football pitches.

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