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Airport transfer just got interesting!

We'll bring the fantasy of the sexy hitchhiker to life for the lucky stag. The man of the moment will have his hands full trying to handle our hottie who's attempting to hitch a lift from Berlin to Prague. Picture the scene: you've just arrived at Schönefeld Airport and are en route to the hotel, when the driver notices a pretty girl thumbing a lift. What do you do?

Help a damsel in distress of course! Get the driver to pull over pronto and pick her up. Come to our sexy hitchhiker's rescue and she'll slip in the back, get chatting to everyone and quickly pick out the stag from your motley crew. When she hears you're in Berlin for his stag do, she'll start peeling off her shorts, and then it's happy days as she wriggles out of the rest of her skimpy outfit and the fun and frolics begin!

We'll sort the setup and the driver will play along like true professional. The stag will never be quite sure if it was a setup or if he just got lucky.

Let's have it right, no stag do would be complete without a classic story involving a naked hottie with an amazing body. Send the stag off in time-honoured tradition and remember, what happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin!

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