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Knock knock - it's time for your wake-up call...

There's nothing like scaring the groom sober on day two of a stag weekend! Get him all hot and bothered when a deliciously beautiful Berliner turns up at his hotel room or apartment, claiming she's the wake-up call he ordered last night.

Like all the best stag weekend tricks, this one works by being utterly plausible. He won't suspect a thing until he opens the door! When he gets a load of the hottie waiting on the mat, it'll dawn on him that most wake-up calls are made on the phone, not in person with a barely-dressed beauty who's bendier than a helter skelter!

We can book a wake-up stripper to perform at any hotel in Berlin. Just ask your stag weekend co-ordinator to sort the details, and make sure the stag is where he's supposed to be on Saturday morning.

If you're feeling really sneaky, you could wait until he's in the shower, then let the stripper in yourself. Photos of the groom wrapped in a towel while the hottest girl in Berlin whirls her bra over her head will guarantee you blackmail rights for the rest of your life...

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