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Scare the bejesus out of the stag with a ghost walk. Birmingham stag dos are about more than scoffing balti and hitting bars. Before you get plastered, get your kicks with a terrifying tour. Hauntings? Loads of 'em. Murder most foul? Absolutely. Public hangings? Always a big turnout for those. Birmingham was pretty dark back in the day. Find out what happened with a guided tour of the Victorian City. Do the spooky square mile, which is full of graveyards and catacombs that will make the hairs on the back of your neck jump to attention.

Enter Birmingham's dark side with a guide who's full of tales of ghastly goings-on, plague, crime, revenge, and more. Visit the city's creepiest graveyards and catacombs, which will make the bravest stag in the party shiver. Place bets on who will be the first to jump and yelp. That poor soul buys the first round of shots as a forfeit.

When you've done the rounds and heard the most horrible tales Birmingham has to offer, head off to one of the city's haunted pubs and calm those nerves with a drink or 10.

If you think you've got balls of steel, prove it and go on the ghost walk. Birmingham stag dos are usually pretty standard - karting and clubbing. Here's something different that'll separate the men from the boys!

In a nutshell:

  • Private Birmingham ghost walk tour
  • Guide
  • Victorian City to the Jewellery Quarter
  • 4 graveyards
  • Catacombs
  • Ends at the city's most haunted pub
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