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We've saved the fastest, fiercest activity 'til last. You've blown stuff up, pulled wheelies and done donuts. Now it's time for the meanest, dirtiest driving activity in Birmingham! Rage buggies laugh in the face of karts and spray mud in the eye of quad bikes. Built for speed and designed to tackle testing terrain, these buggies handle like a dream and outrun most other off roaders thanks to over 600ccs of raw power! Can you control one and win the time trials?

The trick is taming them. This is an 'every stag for himself' driving activity, so you'll have to rely on your own skills, speed and wits to get to the top of the leaderboard. Get your speed up on the straights and keep control on those corners or you'll slide all over the place and add crucial seconds to your lap time.

As for the terrain, it's tough! This ain't the Birmingham Botanical Gardens or Cannon Hill Park. You'll be driving on a course surrounded by some of Warwickshire's wildest countryside. We're talking mud, hills, slopes, humps and bumps aplenty.

Instructors will show you how to tame Rage buggies and allow you a bit of practice time but when the time trials start, the gloves are off and it's hell for leather. Stag do activities don't get any more competitive than this!

Duration: 1 hour.

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Shooting and Speed

This Package Includes

  • Laser Clay Shooting
  • Powerturns
  • Rage Buggies
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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