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Ay carumba! Put some rocket fuel into the Saturday afternoon of your Brum stag do with a tequila tasting session. Why wait til the sun goes down when you've got salt and lemon to take the edge off?

We'll get you and the boys a private area in a centrally located bar - so when you've finished slamming those shots, the best bits of Birmingham are just around the corner!

You'll be greeted with a tequila cocktail, and given the chance to embarrass the heck out of the stag by recounting his most legendary tequila-related moments! Then it's on to the tasting, and with a whopping six shots to knock back before dinner you'd better be bringing your drinking head...

While your shots are prepared, you'll learn the history and art of distilling the world's favourite loony juice, and conquer not one but two blind taste testing sessions as you go. There are hilarious booby prizes for the stags who can't identify the best quality tequila with their eyes shut, plus you'll end up ripped to the tits and in the perfect mood to get involved with Birmingham's legendary nightlife.

If you like your stag weekends messy, this is the way to kick off!

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Tequila Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Tequila Tasting
  • 3 Course Meal
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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