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Lock and load, boys - it's time to go all Metal Gear Solid with an afternoon cocking the hammer on the air rifle range! These aren't just kids' toys, either. Your stag party will be kitted out with premium quality competition air rifles, and taught all the tricks of the trade. Breathe in, hold, squeeze the trigger, and breathe out for a kill shot every time.

We'll take you to a purpose built air rifle range on the outskirts of Blackpool, which is perfectly set up for stags and hens. Qualified instructors will run you through the safety aspects of air rifle shooting, you'll be given a few practice shots to get your eye in - then it's on to the competitive stuff. Compete with the other lads in the stag party for a chance to call yourself the deadliest shot in town. Who'll be the Lone Ranger, and who's just the Milkybar Kid?

The staff at this air rifle centre are fun loving and friendly, and they know a thing or two about taking out a target with deadly accuracy! Follow the hints and tips you get as you strut your stuff on the range, and you'll be shooting at Olympic standard before the end of the afternoon!

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Air Rifle Shooting

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