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Get medieval on your best mate's final weekend of freedom with an afternoon's archery!

The marshals at this purpose built range will show you the basics of nocking and drawing before letting you loose on the best targets in Blackpool. Use two fingers to draw back the bowstring, make sure you control your breathing when you loose, and your arrow will fly straight and true. After a couple of goes, everyone in the stag group will understand just how much of a badass Robin Hood really was!

Forget guns - real men take out the target with a lethal barb shot from a high-tensile string. Archery's not for the faint of heart, requiring skill, concentration and strength to propel the arrow where you want it to go. Even the hardest stag in the group will poo his pants the first time the bowstring whistles past his ear!

Your archery instructor's there to help perfect your aiming and firing techniques. Pay attention to her advice and you'll get the most from your session. She'll help you find the stance and drawing technique that works best for you. Go head to head with your mates in a real life archery competition, and fight for the right to call yourselves Merrie Men!

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