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Let's face it, fellas. One night of a Blackpool stag party can leave you with hangovers bigger than the town's iconic Tower. You're going to need something to take your mind off those headaches on day two!

Escape rooms are the perfect solution. Clocking in at one hour of gameplay, they're short enough for you to add to a packed itinerary-and intense enough to make you forget all but the worst of morning-after feelings! Get locked in a brilliantly-designed real-life puzzle with the lads, and pit your wits against the ticking clock.

There are multiple rooms to play at this location, which means bigger stag parties can split up and all have a crack at solving the challenges. Each room has its own story, its own theme and its own special puzzle designs. You could be trying to stop a plague outbreak, attempting to free one of your number from a jail cell, or searching for a legendary relic in a professor's study...

This is a real-life adventure like no other. With immersive sets and thrilling storylines, each room is designed to make you forget you're playing a game. Every element of the room design could be important, from the pictures on the wall to the items you find in desk drawers or scattered on the floor. Take it all in, and try to unravel the clues that will lead you to the truth-and to the exit.

This is an epic addition to any Blackpool stag party! It's like being in a real computer game. Split the lads into teams of 6 or fewer, and see if you can beat the rooms.

In a nutshell

  • Escape room games in Blackpool
  • 2-6 players per room
  • Multiple games
  • 1 hour
  • Physical and mental puzzles
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Escape Room

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