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Hands-down the best stag weekend laugh you'll ever have, human table football is the perfect antidote to Saturday hangovers! Forget running around like a headless chicken, falling on your arse and tossing your cookies in an ignominious sweaty heave. After a serious night out in Blackpool, you and your fellow stags get to play the beautiful game like real men: strapped safely to massive poles in an inflatable fooseball table!

The boys will be split into two teams and fitted to the giant pitch by our expert game marshals. After a quick rundown of safety information, your big match kicks off. And no-one has to run anywhere. Flail, kick and blow at the huge ball in desperation as the opposition score ricochet after ricochet.

Just like a real table football game, your players can move side to side by sliding their foam bar protector along the pole. Unfortunately, though, you won't be able to generate extra power by spinning players unless you have a couple of breakdancers along for the stag weekend!

The human table football pitch is just outside Blackpool, so you won't have to travel far to get your kicks.

Talk to your marshal about red carding the stag at every opportunity!

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